Operational Excellence Consultants Specialising in Manufacturing

We provide sustainable operational solutions to leading manufacturers across Asia Pacific. Our operational excellence consultants help manufacturers drive process improvements, improve quality, create manufacturing efficiencies and reduce manufacturing waste.

Operational Excellence Consulting
Operational Excellence Consultancy Firm

Operational excellence has far reaching effects on your customers, products, leadership, people and bottom line.

Operational challenges and inefficient processes have a much higher cost than you think.

They take away from management’s focus on growth, affect staff morale and impact on customer satisfaction. Our operational excellence consultants can help uncover the root cause of operational challenges and issues, providing process improvements and empowering managers and staff with the knowledge and expertise to become an operational excellence focused organisation.


We have experts that will provide boots on the ground, who will accelerate projects to drive performance and profitability.

Our operational excellence consultants provide diagnostic assessment, tailored operational excellence programs, strategic planning, tools and training.

Our services cover a broad range of operational excellence methodologies and tools including; 5 Step Operational Advancement Program, Lean Six Sigma, Annual Planning Cycle, Lean Deployment, Best Practice Realisation, Leadership Impact, Risk Management, Value Optimisation, Problem Solving and Change Management.

Operational Excellence Consultant - Lean Manufacturing Training
Lean Manufacturing

Solutions that help identify value and reduce waste in your manufacturing process. Removing waste from the manufacturing process improves quality, streamlines production time and reduces costs. This can help your business become more efficient, effective and more competitive.

Operational Excellence Consultant - Six Sigma Training
Lean Six Sigma

Learn how to create more value, with less and transform your manufacturing operations. We can provide LSS Project Management support and provision LSS training and coaching. Learn from the best, our team includes certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts.

Operational Excellence Consultant - Kaizen Training

Use Kaizen approaches to make continuous improvements to processes and flows. Kaizen involves all employees. Individuals are encouraged to proactively monitor their work settings and tasks to identify opportunities for regular incremental improvements.

Access Operational Excellence Expertise

Our Operational Excellence Consultants have experience working with leading manufacturers globally.

We understand the competitive nature of the manufacturing industry and the pressures faced by management and operations teams to continually grow, improve, increase output and lower costs. We work closely with CEOs, Plant Managers, Production Managers, Operations Managers, Procurement Managers and Continuous Improvement Managers across Asia Pacific and Globally. Schedule a call with us to see how we can help you.

Sustainable Operational Excellence Improvements and Changes

We work with you to ensure that operational excellence improvements we recommend are not only effective in the immediate short term, but are also sustainable for your organisation in the long run.

Operational Excellence Consultant - Operational Excellence Maintenance

We make sure that you have a clear strategy to maintain operational excellence through optimal equipment and machinery up time, overall equipment and machinery effectiveness and asset utilisation.

Operational Excellence Consultant - Operational Excellence Tools

Change is easier when your employees have the right tools for better understanding processes and problem solving. Tools can include the visualisation of Value Stream Maps, Processes, Flows and Employee Instructions.

Operational Excellence Consultant - Operational Excellence Training

It is important that your operational team has the right knowledge and skills to lead, implement and maintain changes. We can provide specialist training in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Kaizen.


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